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September 10, 2008

The import from Blogspot to WordPress stripped all my inline videos. I have been putting them back in where I thought about it (Guitar Heroes and Mickey at Sea and Element Song), but if you read any old posts and I appear to refer to something not there, let me know, please! Of course, now the problem is that YouTube often shows “We’re sorry, this video no is longer available!” for inline videos, but the problem is on their end, not mine! If that happens, you can click on the up arrow (lower right corner), then on the symbol that appears, get the url directly and go straight there.


Change of Pace

February 17, 2008

In an attempt to have something to post more than two or three times a semester (since it’s rarely exciting to hear me talk about individual class sessions), I am going to branch out a bit. Given that there are maybe 3 people in the world who read this (including me!), I suspect nobody will much mind.

Future posts, in addition to normal school stuff, may include podcast reviews, cool viral videos and anything else I feel like posting. Why not? It’s my time.


Atypical Non-procastination

September 8, 2007

In an entirely unusual move for me, I have completely updated the blog from the “diary” I had been keeping (taking out commentary on various persons I have met – not really appropriate for a possibly public blog). I’m all up to date!

Now I just need to survive the semester.

Oh yeah, while I mentioned back an earlier post that I had given up computer games “forever,” that of course has not stuck. Some addictions cannot be put off forever. I play one online game mildly (and should even cut that back) and a number of console games. Hopefully I can keep it under control.


Hello World!

September 22, 2006

Sue suggested I keep a blog about my experiences getting to a Ph.D. I am not likely to post with any regularity. In the meantime, I am keeping a diary/log of events, experiences and people I meet (especially people I meet – got to build my network!) on my computer and transfer information here to the blog as I think about it.