The Holidays Approacheth…

December 19, 2008

…along with all the busy-ness and (occasional) stress that entails.

The semester is over, along with my undergraduate education. I will post more thoroughly on this semester’s endeavors once my final grades are in. It was an enjoyable semester, though.

A few random bits of info and pictures to fill in the gaping void of my postings:

Korean War Memorial Soldier at night

Korean War Memorial Soldier at night

I mentioned last time the photo class I took on October 10th with the Washington Photo Safari and dropped in a picture of the Lincoln Memorial. Here is another image from that evening, a haunting photo of a soldier displayed at the Korean War Memorial. I converted it to gray scale to add to the starkness, although some of the color pictures are not bad, especially one with the white balance set to make the sky look blood-red, boosting the war imaging.

We held the girls’ birthday party at the new Pump-it-Up in Leesburg in October. After arriving, I realized I had left my camera at home. Drop off various humans and party devices, turn around and drive all the way home to pick it up. I missed half the party, but did get a few decent pictures near the end. Most will not make it onto the web (I don’t publish childrens’ pictures, thank you), but I did finesse a nice one of Joe apparently descending into hell.

For their science class, Alpha & Beta needed to track the phases of the moon for a month. They missed a night due to cloud cover (and many more due to forgetfulness), but it cleared up perfectly after bedtime, so I decided to see what I could pull off with my camera and the long lens. I was impressed with the quality I got, especially hand-held.

December 8th Moon

December 8th Moon

During the Thanksgiving feastage at my parents’ house, I snapped a lot of pictures, including one I promised Kim would make it on to Facebook. (Yes, Kim, it is there now.) Finally, for now, we got fully into the Christmas spirit a little later than usual thanks to a few delays, but still in plenty of time. The outside is not yet decorated because it has been unreasonably cold (with no snow!) and/or rainy. I still have almost a week left to do something useful outside!

Here is our tree, before Maestro dismantled most of the lower layers (I never saw a cat – kitten or otherwise – dive into a tree before).

Christmas Tree 2008

Christmas Tree 2008


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