Current Publications

September 8, 2007

Scientific American: Decided to keep this one going. While not deeply useful for astrophysics, it has interesting articles still.

Technology Review (MIT): They changed their subscription to 6 times per year. It is good enough reading to keep it going.

Science: I decided to let this subscription drop. While very interesting, it is nearly entirely over my head (even when the topic is familiar – entirely over my head when on topics I do not study). The weekly delivery also makes for massive data overload for me. If I could learn the trick of only scanning it and cherry-picking the data I pull out of it, it might be more useful. However, it still is mostly over my head, so not really worth the trouble. I will stick with just downloading necessary articles for Journal Club. Oddly enough, even though I let the sub lapse in June and was called in mid-July about it (and told them I would not resubscribe at this time), the magazine kept coming into late August!

Maybe I can find a subscription which is only monthly (at best) but still appropriate for my studies. In the meantime, I get a lot of current science-based news online.


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